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Veterinary transfusion medicine is an emerging specialty.  Just like people, animals often require blood transfusions to save lives in the instance of trauma, surgery or disease. The demand for blood and blood products has skyrocketed as clinics are able to offer their clients advanced treatment options. 


All animals selected are volunteer donors.  In return for donating blood, they are screened to ensure universal donor status and as well are tested for heartworm. Each donor is blood-typed and receives a collar tag identifying the dog's blood type. They will also receive complimentary blood products for life if the need arises.  For more information on blood testing and our incentive program select our "donor programs" page.


The value of this service is measurable and significant. It allows veterinarians to offer their clients lifesaving practices, surgical procedures, cancer treatments and the likelihood of longer life expectancies. All of which may not be an option without timely blood transfusions. 


For many people, a pet is a valued member of the family.  Furthermore pets are known for their therapeutic contribution in people’s everyday lives. Therefore saving the life of a family pet contributes to the health of society in general. For many young couples, families with children, and single adults, a pet provides unconditional companionship with documented psychological benefit. 


Owners are willing to spend increasingly larger sums of money on the care of their pets. This in turn increases the availability and incidence of specialized treatments that veterinarians are able to provide.


The LifeStream Animal Blood Bank, at Hill Valley Farms in Kingston, Ontario, Canada is located within the city limits. There are two large trails that adjoin the heavily wooded property, which are available for the use of owners and pets who enjoy the great outdoors. This location provides the perfect setting for animals to come and donate life-saving blood.






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