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Canine Blood Donor Program


Is your dog eligible?


If your dog meets the following criteria, LifeStream Animal Blood Bank would be pleased to offer your dog a place in our donor program.


  1. Weighs 50 lbs or greater
  2. 1-7 years of age 
  3. Healthy and a friendly disposition
  4. Provide proof of all yearly vaccinations
  5. Medication free (except heartworm and/or flea preventative/tick preventative. 

As one of LifeStreamís K9 blood donors, your dog will be provided with the following:


  1. Hematocrit or Packed Red Cell Volume.
  2. Complimentary blood typing and a blood type collar tag
  3. Complimentary canine blood profile testing for
    Babesia canis, Ehrlicia spp., Haemobartenalla spp., and Lyme Disease.  

  1. A "K9 Blood Donor" Bandana
  2. If your dog requires a blood transfusion, the blood products will be provided at no cost to your veterinarian, for the lifetime of the animal.





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